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  • 701 Industries

    A New force in the world of custom jetski parts. 701 has rescued the forgotten sectors of the jetski industry by bringing out a range of parts that not only revitalise the market. they upgrade it with phenominal improvements over previous products .
  • 701 Bilge Switch


    This 12 volt ,15 amp push button switch is small and can be placed anywhere you want. The switch is 100% WATERPROOF and has a LIFE TIME replacement Warranty. Its size makes it ideal for fitting to your OEM stop/start switch. This little beauty at $49.00 is excellent value. You buy this switch only once , and not have to wonder how long it will last. Made in the USA.

  • New Product

    The Latest from 701 Industries is the screw on Stainless Steel transom plate. Made from #8 mirror finished Stainless Steel, this transom plate will not only toughen your Blasters arse, hide all the stress fractures and cracks, but it has the BLING factor as well. The plate eliminates costly fibreglass repairs, repainting and best of all, no down time.
    AVAILABLE in SS or Carbon Look.
  • Cutting Edge

    Innovation & Passion Everything you want from your manufacturer. 701 INDUSTRIES is serious about designing products that advance the sport and our own riding. We Build and Ride for life.
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Held on the gold coast last weekend, 701 Industries Sponsors its first event, pimping out every rider in a 701 T-Shirt.

The man behind 701. 

Dave polishing some 701 prototypes in Manland. Discover how he created a gloabl business in 12 months here.