Engineered for Jet Skis

World Champion Pilot - Blaster Jay

The new World Champion for Runabout Class.  

The 2014 IFWA has been run and Jay has taken out all 3 rounds in Runabout, how about we call it "BLASTER CLASS" Champion.

Jay Clinched 1st in every event, held in Australia, France & England. From huge Surf in Australia to tiny surf in France and about 2-3ft in England. 

Jay is the 1st ever freeride world Champion from Australia. His origins stem from the dry, desolate outback (next door to Crocodile Dundee), where water is rare. After he built his Mad Max car and left for the coast, he never looked back once he discovered the surf. Well done, 701 is proud of you and also thanks you for you support in developing the best blaster parts in the world, now used by the best Rider in the WORLD~!!!

Jay took the QS-S Steering, Surf straps and Rocker Nose with him as his essential parts.

The party is waiting for your return.


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Held on the gold coast last weekend, 701 Industries Sponsors its first event, pimping out every rider in a 701 T-Shirt.

The man behind 701. 

Dave polishing some 701 prototypes in Manland. Discover how he created a gloabl business in 12 months here.